7 Levels of A Stillpoint


Date: 26 – 27 March 2022
Time: 09:15–17:45
14 Weiterbildungsstunden
Teacher: Dr. John Beaulieu (USA)
Language: English translated into German
Costs: CHF 500
Course location: Polarity Bildungszentrum
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"At the still point, there the dance is.......
neither arrest nor movement......."

T.S. Elliot "Burnt Norton" (The Four Quartets), section II

Chaos theory, Zero Point physics, Inner Alchemy and Universal Geometry are important connecting points for deep understanding of the Still Point - this key concept from the cranio-sacral work that Dr. Stone has always understood as an important component of Polarity. In this workshop, Dr. John Beaulieu practices with participants the art of navigating an ocean of zero movement.

The Stillpoint is a spiritual and poetic expression in harmony with the scientific concept of Zero Point. A still point is the place of maximum energetic emptiness in terms of form, which nourishes every aspect of the healing process. The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu wrote:
"In silence, the teachings are heard; In silence, the world is transformed.“

This training is about the inner process of a still point - how it comes about and how the system can actually be completely still at this place. And how this stillness also carries within it different levels (or qualities). Cranial rhythms, from Dr. Beaulieu's point of view, are really nothing more than sonic guiding rays that we can follow through various levels of energy into the heart of nothingness, that is, into total stillness. Inner images, sensations, feelings, thoughts, vibrations, undulations, and oceanic-like pulsations - these are some of the profound experiences that often arise during cranial work. John Beaulieu describes it as a map with various veils of calm.

Working with complete rest, from his clinical perspective, is a process that involves three levels of intentions (compression, decompression, and neutral), as well as seven levels of perceptions (as detailed by Dr. Randolph Stone in his writings). They will be presented in detail in the course. For now, let us reveal only this: When we begin to understand the different levels, we find it easier to be at peace with outer and inner peace, and even to deepen them if necessary. Our intentions play an important role in this. The still point also has a resonance field, which will also be an important part of this course in theory and practice.

Special attention is given in this course to understanding the overall geometric pattern of the body - which is related to spiral forms enclosing a vortex of stillness. This understanding is linked to the mind-body psychology found in the work of pioneers such as Randolph Stone, Wilhelm Reich, Rudolph Steiner, and others, and encourages students to follow with great awareness the movement of energy in normal human reality as well as in dreams, through valuable metaphors such as archetypes or elements of nature - into absolute stillness. The encounter with the seven levels is illustrated in the course by pictures of artists, spontaneously created after sessions with still points.

The 7 Levels of Stillpoint course began for John Beaulieu with his late night "after dinner discussions" with his osteopathic teachers between 1974 and 1977. During these discussions they shared their amazing experiences with cranial therapy that in no way fit the reductionist image of Western medicine and the scientific model behind it. Over many years, the course presented here formed on the basis of this amazing dynamic. Although its roots are strongly in craniosacral work, there are also direct references to the Polarity model, alchemy and psychotherapy, shamanism, the art world, and many ancient source texts. These days are a special opportunity to find new insights and make connections to take your own form of healing art to a higher level.

The cranial ideas and concepts of important osteopaths (Sutherland, Upledger, Becker, Jay, DeJarnett, Pauls etc.) will be briefly presented again in these three days and then related to life energy and sound levels. Specifically, the movements of the sphenoid and the rotations of the temporal bones are considered in relation to the third ventricle and the connective tissue. The theory on this area is based on the work of Polarity founder Dr. Randolph Stone and American osteopath Dr. William Garner Sutherland. Traditional techniques for triggering a still point (compression and decompression) are also revisited. Placing the still point in extension or flexion phase will be placed in a broader energetic context. This course is about the art of listening - to discover how the connective tissue weaves the fabric of stillness and from this, energy movements can be observed. Basic mythological concepts from ancient Greece form an important basis for a new understanding of this extremely subtle work.

Dr. John Beaulieu

John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D. is a composer, sound healer, licensed psychotherapist, and board certified naturopathic doctor. He is the founder of BioSonic Enterprises, Ltd., a company dedicated to tuning the world. After completing advanced degrees at Purdue and Indiana University, where he studied music, psychology and creative arts therapy, he went on to study Eastern and Western natural …


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