In addition to our special training courses, seminars usually lasting several days and exciting day or evening events, we also organise special events every year that are aimed at a wide audience. These events are also very important as network meetings, as we always invite international experts to selected topics, who should inspire and get to know each other and the audience.

It is also our aim that the speakers do not just give a short lecture and then say goodbye again straight away, but that they remain touchable for the participants by being present on site the whole time - even if they do not present their knowledge from the stage every day.

14. Swiss Educational Festival
- Learning and enjoying in Weggis

With the Swiss Educational Festival, which takes place every year at the end of the summer holidays, the POLARITY BILDUNGSZENTRUM repeatedly presents explosive topics in an understandable form, which are illuminated and put up for discussion by international experts.

The thematic focuses are supplemented by cultural events such as concerts, dance, yoga, Qi Gong or alphorn blowing. And the lake right next to the course rooms invites you to swim and sunbathe in between. The idea behind this unique festival is to make learning a joyful and enjoyable experience, far away from bright and oppressive ceiling light or external pressure to perform.