Since 1988, trainings and further education courses have been offered in Zurich based on the health and energy model of Dr. Randolph Stone (1890 - 1981). For the Polarity CentER it is important to preserve Dr. Stone's life work, his thoughts and ethics, and the inquisitive, open mind he had. The continuing research within the timeless POLARITY approach is dedicated to his lifelong search for wisdom and his networking between different modalities and perspectives.


The POLARITY therapy according to Dr. Randolph Stone is a comprehensive health system: It combines Eastern and Western healing methods and is based on a unique model of energy anatomy. The aim is to enable a harmonious, balanced flow of life energy in and around the body in the bi-polar energy field of the human being. Health and natural well-being should thus be promoted and maintained.

Randolph Stone emigrated as a young man from Austria to the USA. He completed his studies as an osteopath, chiropractor and naturopath. In the course of his work he came to the realization that there is a healing power within the human being which can be supported and activated in a targeted manner. With the help of his extensive knowledge he developed the POLARITY therapy.

Dr. Stone's direct students such as Jim Feil, Raymond Castellino, Jim Said or Cindy Rawlinson as well as initiative teachers of the next POLARITY generation such as Mary Louise Muller, John Chitty, John Beaulieu, Chandana Becker, Franklyn Sills or Phil Young have expanded and refined the broadly diversified art of POLARITY healing over the past decades.

Aim of the POLARITY Therapy

The subject of therapeutic work is to identify disorders and energy blockages in the human being. Once they have been found, POLARITY offers a variety of treatment methods to dissolve these blockages. In doing so, a targeted attempt is made to activate the self-regulation inherent in every human being and thereby his or her self-healing mechanisms, thus restoring joy of life and vitality. Health care and maintenance are essential concerns of this holistic model.


As a model POLARITY is comprehensive and integrative. It is a concept that differs from a simple method, which is only effective under certain conditions. Polarity, on the other hand, can be applied very specifically in various fields.

POLARITY can be used for a variety of health issues, but also as a preventive method. POLARITY as a holistic philosophy and educational model is also suitable to inspire the professional and private life anew and to enrich one's own daily experience with deep insights.


The focal points of POLARITY THERAPY work in harmony with each other. They help to preserve or create energetic and physical balance in the human system.

POLARITY THERAPY can be used for preventive health care. It can also provide relief from tension, pain, sleep disorders, stress, exhaustion and nervousness. After illnesses or operations it can have a supporting effect and positively influence the healing process.

It is all about bringing people back into a position of empowerment and accessing their resources, opening up to completely new perspectives for their lives.


Dr. phil. Urs Honauer, head of the Centre for Internal Ecology and the Polarity center in Zurich and initiator of the education festival in Weggis.

He explains POLARITY in this video (in German).

Five pillars of Polarity

The Polarity training classically comprises five pillars: body treatment

(based on the understanding of energetic connections), nutrition, yoga exercises, communication, mindfulness and respect. Against the background of the Polarity principles, these pillars are highly effective.