Beginn des 6-teiligen Trainings in Gesprächsbegleitung


Date: Unit 1:
10 Dec 2021 – 12 Dec 2021
Unit 2:
7 Jan 2022 – 9 Jan 2022
Unit 3:
4 Feb 2022 – 6 Feb 2022
Unit 4:
11 Mar 2022 – 13 Mar 2022
Unit 5:
22 Apr 2022 – 24 Apr 2022
Unit 6:
3 Jun 2022 – 5 Jun 2022
Time: each 09:15–17:45
Teacher: Dr. Urs Honauer (CH)
Conditions: Besuch eines AK Intro
Language: German
Costs: CHF 4'500
Course location: Polarity Bildungszentrum Schweiz

Der Formative Prozess gehört zu den grossen Qualitäten des Polarity-Modells. Das Neue kann mit einfachen Werkzeugen immer wieder kreiert, Altes so leichter verabschiedet werden.

In dieser 18-tägigen Weiterbildung geht es darum, die Polarity-Prinzipien für die verbale Prozessbegleitung gezielt einzusetzen.

Dr. Urs Honauer

Dr. phil. Urs Honauer Urs (CH) is the director of the Polarity Center and the Center for Inner Ecology in Zürich, Switzerland. He is also the founder of the Learning Festival in Weggis and the originator of the communication model AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION (AK) which he also teaches himself. He has long been involved in adult education and has taught among others in trainings like Somatic …


I herewith register for the aforestated training on the basis of the terms and conditions indicated below. Registration shall be binding. For cancellations up to a maximum of 21 days prior to the training, a service fee in the amount of CHF 100.00 shall be payable (events for which fees of less than CHF 100.00 apply excepted). Should you cancel your participation in the training later than 21 days before the training begins, the entire training fee shall be payable unless you provide us with a replacement before the start of the course. These terms shall also apply in the event of sickness. Any insurance cover that participants might consider to obtain shall be their own responsibility. Polarity Bildungszentrum AG/Zentrum für Innere Ökologie AG reserves the right to postpone trainings due to unforeseeable circumstances or for other reasons beyond the reasonable control of Polarity Bildungszentrum AG/Zentrum für Innere Ökologie AG. In such cases, the participants shall have the option to either accept the new date or to cancel their participation in the training on the new date. Should the number of registrations be insufficient, Polarity Bildungszentrum AG/Zentrum für Innere Ökologie AG reserves the right to cancel the training. Participants shall not be entitled to claim compensation or damages in either case, that is, if the training is cancelled or postponed. By signing the present agreement, the participant explicitly waives any right to claim damages for a cancelled or postponed training. Polarity Bildungszentrum AG /Zentrum für Innere Ökologie AG completely refuses to accept any responsibility for any third parties affected, where applicable.