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Variations On Moon River For Your Inner Mall
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Listen as Lunar Light Beams travel across celestial space meandering through synaptic passes as neural transmitters send messages to your dreaming ears that Moon River is forever; tributaries within tributaries of lunar

cerebral spinal fluid flowing into a cosmic ocean of infinite creative possibilities.

When I discovered how much Moon River has been recorded and performed fifty years after its release,

I became interested in its energetic qualities as an archetype of Water.

In the field of Energy Medicine Moon River is Water Element music.

The Water Element is associated with bonding, flow, sexuality, and creativity. I decided to go into the sonic waters of Moon Rivers and explore its currents, eddies, whirlpools, tides, and waterfalls.

Your “Inner Mall” is that place where you go inside yourself to discover flow in your life and new creative ideas that will enhance and empower health and well being.
Your Inner Mall is filled with many creative idea shops. You can listen to MOONZAK as background music, as you feel free to relax and stroll from idea shop to idea shop as you put together new possibilities that can transform your life.

And when the time comes, you can leave your Inner Mall with a shopping bag filled with creative thoughts that you can bring home to your daily life.

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