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Dr. John Beaulieu

Biosonic Color Glasses

Set of 7 

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Biosonic Color Glasses™ are frequency tuned to create a color-sound resonance with Biosonic tuning forks that enhance mind-body coherence through sensory integration. 

Sensory integration is an important component of health and wellness that leads to greater mental and physical adaptability in all aspects of life. When our senses are organized and working together in a state of coherence, we increase our creativity, enhance our problem-solving skills, and are better able to adapt to stress. Each color is checked against scientifically generated light parameters.

How to Use Your Biosonic Color Glasses

1. Choose your color from the Color Chart. Use your intuition to choose the color based on the qualities you want to enhance. Once you choose your color, put your glasses on. Adjust the temple tips so that the glasses are snug over the back of your ears and the bridge fits comfortably over your nose allowing for effortless viewing.

2. Ideally, go outside to view the sky but if you are inside view a neutral wall, preferably while illuminated by full-spectrum light. If this is not possible, view a lighted area without focusing on objects or anything distracting.

What is Felt?
Felt is a man-made fabric, created from natural fibers. Man-made fabrics are generally woven; however, felt differs in this sense. So, what is felt exactly? A Felted fabrics is created from fibers being compressed and matted. Together heat, moisture and a lot of pressure is what presses and creates the fabric. It can take a lot of work, but the result is a very dense fabric consisting of permanently interlocked fibers.

This set is the full set of Biosonic Color Glasses.

Package content: 7 pieces of felt slip in eyeglass cases are packed together in 1 package for you, come with 7 different colors, you can also share some pieces with friends and families, meeting your different needs

Soft felt: portable travel glasses pouch is made of soft felt, which won’t scratch the glasses, providing nice shock resistance for your glasses, keeping your glasses clean and clear

Slip in design: sunglasses storage case features with convenient slip-in design, no zipping, no snapping, easy to access your glasses, just slip in your glasses and you are ready to go

Portable for travel: each glasses pouch holder is about 7.09 x 3.54 inch/ 18 x 9 cm, suitable for different types of eyeglasses and sunglasses, light in weight and compact in size, which allows them to be stored anywhere, bring no burden to your trip

Multi function: sunglasses storage case not only can carry the glasses wherever you go and for any occasion, but also keys, cards, lipstick, and other little stuffs, easy to fit into a purse or bag

It contains, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Violet, Indigo, and Green in its own colorful carrying case.