Tune into Children

Tune in to Children - the new training for the support of children and young people
Module 1 - 4


Date: Modul I:
15 Apr 2021 – 18 Apr 2021
Modul II:
30 Sep 2021 – 3 Oct 2021
Modul III:
30 Oct 2021 – 2 Nov 2021
Modul IV:
20 Jan 2022 – 23 Jan 2022
Time: Starting on the first day at 10.30 am, ending on the last day at 1.30 pm
Teacher: Ale Duarte (BRA)
Language: English translated into German
Costs: CHF 4'160

(The first module can be booked separatley. Class feee: 1100 CHF)

Course location: Hotel Rigi
Seestr. 53 - 55
8353 Weggis

Please book your room directly a Hotel Rigi: infoKSQKOrTfVQMv0Cuhotelrigi.ch
Please note that for participants lodging somewhere else the Hotel Rigi is charging an obligatory cover fee of CHF 32.— for lunch and the general use of the facilities.

In this training Alé Duarte shows how with heart, humor, play, knowledge and natural intuition, the potential and thus the best in our children (again) is awakened.

Learning objectives of the training
  • Discover the value of playful access and reach children on a different level than cognitive
  • Getting to know the 5 phases of self-regulation as innate Ability to balance yourself and protect yourself from overwhelming events to be able to recover
  • The importance of the 5 phases for the everyday activities of children and the strengthening of their self-confidence
  • Somatic Tracking: training attention to body signals and non-verbal behaviour and reacting appropriately
  • Creating a safe environment for children through play and fun, where can find the autonomic nervous system for biological completion
  • Understand the causes and triggers that lead to dysfunctional behaviour (perceive in which phase a child is stuck)
  • Learning to recognise in which state a child can optimally absorb information from us
  • to learn about ways to promote the child's ability to self-regulate and develop social resilience
  • Touch as an important support to restore the child's balance
  • Strategies for individual and group work
  • Creating a community atmosphere in a group of children
  • Possibilities of designing group activities that promote self-regulation and integration
  • Learning to manage chaos in a group
  • achieve instinctive, emotional and cognitive self-regulation
  • Body related techniques for dealing with aggressive behaviour, concentration difficulties, hyperactivity (high somatic excitation level) and apathetic behaviour (lack of energy)
  • Relationship between self-regulation and self-control

The whole training consists of 4 modules with 16 days.

The first module can be booked separately on request

(Course fee: 1100 CHF). In this case, please specify in the registration form under "Remarks" indicates that you only want to register for the 1st module.

Learning objectives of the 1st module:

  • Discovering the value of a playful approach
  • Getting to know the 5 phases of self-regulation
  • Verbal and non-verbal communicationThe
  • importance of the 5 phases for the everyday activities of children

Ale Duarte

Ale Duarte is a somatic educator who travels around the world offering training to professionals who work in the fields of psychology, education and body-oriented therapy. His specialty is experience in child trauma, and the inherent ability of a child’s body to recover from trauma impact, through highly tuned somatic consciousness within the therapeutic relation.As part of his professional …