The liberation of the connective tissue Bodywork in trauma resolution


Date: 2 – 4 June 2023
Time: 10:00–17:30
(Sunday - Tuesday)
Teacher: Dr. Sônia Gomes (BRA)
Language: English translated into German
Costs: CHF 750.00

SOMA is a modern, innovative and integrative accompanying form for people of all ages and builds on fundamental principles from the SOMATIC EXPERIENCING (SE), the polyvagal theory, structural Integration according to Ida Rolf and education through movement (Hubert Godard) on. This introductory course is a prerequisite for the 16-day SOMA training with the internationally active teachers Sonia Gomes and Marcelo Muniz. Central to the SOMA work is the increased EMBODIMENT, the greater embodiment of every human being - no matter which Fate he brings with him.

  • Summary of the work of Peter A. Levine (SE), Stephen Porges (polyvagal theory), Ida Rolf (structural integration), Hubert Godard (Tonic Function movement system)

  • Traumatic experiences and their effects on body, state of mind and brain

  • Embodiment = A path to trauma resolution and self-regulation

  • Embryological development and spatial orientation, connective tissue and gravitational field

  • Inner and outer orientation through movement in the gravitational field

  • The application of the polyvagal theory in touch work

  • Body perception and body language (interception, exteroception and proprioception)

  • SE-Demos about the connection of touch and movement with intuition and resonance

  • Practice specific treatment sequences for the construction of body stability with regard to space, balance, erection and Movement patterns

This course is the introductory course for the 4-part special training with Sônia Gomes:
SOMA - The transformation of emotional trauma through targeted touch and movement

The next training will start on March 18 - 21, 2022

Dr. Sônia Gomes

Sônia Gomes is known worldwide at the international SE – Somatic Experiencing´s community for her love and caring, the mastery of SE and body therapies, her wonders in demos and personal sessions. Clinical Psychologist/Advanced Structural Rolfer, Movement Teacher. She is among the few qualified to teach Advanced SE. She adopts a multidimensional integrative approach to her teaching, …

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