Somatic Formative Process Day


Date: 26 October 2021
Time: Tuesday, 10:00–17:30
Teacher: Dr. James Jim Feil (USA)
Language: English translated into German
Costs: CHF 250
Course location: Polarity Bildungszentrum Schweiz AG
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Somatic Formative Process Day with Jim Feil

This day offers participants the opportunity to work individually with Jim on the personal or professional issues that are current for them. This allows everyone to both directly experience and to observe Jim working with real cases and in real time. Each session will be reflected on afterwards in terms of challenges, therapeutic choices, difficult moments, and best possible strategies. The method used will be primarily Formative Embodiment, although there will undoubtedly be important implications for and relevance to classic Polarity work, SE, and other modalities.

On this day, the participants who would like to work on their processes are the "clients". So this offer is not a classical supervision in the sense that a therapist brings a well- prepared case from his/her own practice to get a supervision of his/her own work. The participants have an opportunity to experience and reflect on their own active dilemmas and those of their colleagues.

The focus of the sessions is to observe and trace experience as formative process. Gestures, postures, motor activities, and feelings are used to more finely determine how the client's issue relates concretely to disorganizing old, dysfunctional forms and patterns. Appreciating the forms and difficulties of transitional periods, and the emergence of new forms and ways of behaving, is of great importance to anyone doing therapy.

This course is accepted for Polarity training as Module IV hours, but not as supervision hours.

Dr. James Jim Feil

Jim Feil, MA, DC, RPP, RCST has been in the field of complementary health care since 1970. He began his career in the healing arts by studying with Dr. Randolph Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy, from 1970 to 1973. He began practicing Polarity Therapy in California in 1973, and started teaching and training therapists in 1976. He was one of the founding directors of the American Polarity …