Ann-Marlene Henning

Ann-Marlene Henning became known in the German-speaking world with her book "Make Love - a book on sex education" in 2012. The Danish sexologist and psychologist then got the chance to work as a presenter for a TV documentary about the same topic - which made her popularity in the German-speaking world even higher. Today she is considered the leading voice in the field of youth and sexuality. In recent years, she has published further bestsellers: "Make More Love", "Liebespraxis", "Wenn es um das eine geht", "Männer, Körper, Sex. Gesundheit" and most recently "Sex Changes Everything". Her direct manner does not allow taboo topics, but consciously and tactfully names the essential in the area of intimacy and sexuality in general, but also specifically for adolescence and adolescence. Ann-Marlene Henning has lived and worked in Hamburg for many years.

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