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Dr. Anngwyn St. Just

Waking to the Sound of Thunder

Trauma and the Human Condition II
ISBN: 978-1-4960-0197-9
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This current work represents the second in a series of “blooks” (blog+book ) which are quite simply comprised of my online monthly blogs:Trauma and the Human Condition: Notes From the International Field, offered through the Western Institute for Social Research in Berkeley, California, which have since evolved into books. These blogs were posted monthly throughout the calendar year of 2013. Unlike my earlier books, these blooks are primarily focused on national and international current events having to do with social and global trauma rather than individual and family issues. For those unfamiliar with the field of social trauma, this term refers to overwhelming life events which affect groups larger than, and beyond individuals and family. Social trauma involves larger systems of community; tribe, race, religion, culture, gender, political movements, colonialism, nations and even issues involving entire continents.