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Marianne Bentzen

The Neuroaffective
Picture Book 2

Socialization and Personality
ISBN: 978-1782225997
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Designed for psychologists, psychotherapists, and childcare professionals, The Neuroaffective Picture Book 2 - Identity and Socialization outlines the developmental psychology of identity and interaction skills from age 2 to 20 years, combining easy-to-understand text with light-hearted illustrations.
The text describes the development of the basic human motivation systems of attachment, play, status, gender identity and empathic mentalization during these years. The importance of peer relationships is highlighted, as well as reflections on how adult family members, mentors, therapists and teachers - hopefully wiser as well as older heads - can best support healthy maturation.
This stand-alone book continues the work of the previous volume, The Neuroaffective Picture Book, which gives an overview of personality development during the first few years of life.