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Ayelet De Picciotto

Danielle`s Key

Introducing Mindfulness
to Children.
Through a Magical Journey of Discovery and Awareness

ISBN: 978-965-599-318-9
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Danielle has forgotten her key. She finds herself standing in front of a locked door. She walks over to the
neighborhood park where she experiences a surprising journey of discovery, learning and awareness through
friends and challenges that cross her path. In her journey she gains exiting new insights about herself, which she manages to put into use successfully. As a result, she feels empowered and is able to achieve her goals.

Danielle's challenges are familiar to children. They evoke various feelings, such as joy, enthusiasm, curiosity, anxiety and more. These feelings and understandings can serve as anchors for conducting empowering
conversations with children about the challenges that they experience in their everyday life.

Through a fascinating, funny, sometimes thrilling and mostly empowering story, young readers will enjoy the

journey of discovery with Danielle, while they enrich their emotional language, learn key concepts from the
world of mindfulness, and acquire awareness tools related to themselves and to their environment.

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