Trauma und Gedächtnis PEter A. Levine

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A Search for New Models for Trauma Education and Recovery
von Anngwyn St. Just
Buch / ISBN: 3-89670-540-7

"A rare combination of autobiography and scientific research at its best! I am now inspired to investigate connections, ideas, concepts and possibilities for individual healing and constructive social change that I would not otherwise have recognized."
John Bilorusky, Ph.D., President, Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley, California.

"At a time when individual and collective exposure to trauma is becoming ubiquitious, Anngwyn St. Just brings us resources to help us all find Relative Balance in an Unstable World. In this extraordinary volume, Dr. St. Just takes us on a quest that goes from craggy mountains, where the winds cry with the pain of forgotten soldiers, to the tides of the oceans that carry the rhythms of the deep Feminine. In an adventure that flows between her deep personal history of war and the collective experience in the United States and the former Soviet Union, the author gathers resources to help us deal with inevitable trauma: nature, the body, the feminine, resilience, relative balance, and our innate capacity to grow, rather than break, from our most overwhelming experiences."
Ed Schmookler, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Berkeley CA, Author of Trauma Treatment Manual 1996 and Recovery 9-1-1.

"The time has come", writes Anngwyn St. Just "to expand our understanding of trauma to include the kinds of overwhelm that extend beyond a traumatized individual. If we are to meet oncoming challenges of natural and man-made disasters, war, terrorism and other forms of violence, new paradigms are needed." Dr. St. Just urges her readers to awaken to a realization that trauma is a global issue and to an urgent need to develop international, culturally appropriate, cost effective trauma education and recovery programs based upon easily transmitted concepts. This book offers a compelling invitation to expand current concepts of trauma to include Nature, shamanic wisdom, cross cultural, non verbal, body oriented methods and an appreciation for the healing power of community.

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