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July 2020      


Rest Your Stress Level

An evening of somatic study and self-care

Rebekkah LaDyne (USA)



Based on her new book, The Mind-Body Stress Reset, Rebekkah LaDyne will share a set of well-researched mind-body skills that help you reset your nervous system after stress and increase your overall well-being. The “self-administered” tools you’ll learn can be used any-where and anytime for you personally, for your clients, or for your loved ones. Within the supportive and inclusive setting of this evening class you will learn the science behind these tools, experience these skills for yourself with guided exercises, and have time for questions and answers with the author.

SOMATIC EXPERIENCING (SE) Advanced Teacher Kathy Kain says The Mind-Body Stress Reset is “One of those rare books that is much, much better than it needed to be. After a thorough grounding in the foundational material, Rebekkah LaDyne then provides a well-structured and practical tool kit for step-by-step movement toward change. The methods are clearly articu-lated, well-researched and based on her direct experience in using them not only for herself, but also for her clients.”

SE founder Peter A. Levine says The Mind-Body Stress Reset “provides clear theoretical and practical guidance to help people restore their vital capacity for resilience in the aftermath of trauma and toxic stress. This book is equally valuable for new therapists, accomplished ones, and to all of those seeking inner balance and wholeness.”

Urs Honauer, director of the Center for Inner Ecology in Zurich, Switzerland, says “Rebekkah LaDyne shows us with her remarkable book how much potential for healing opens up once we invite this intelligence into our consciousness and give it space to balance out the wounds of trauma and neglect. The book is a wonderful blend of scientifically based theory and playful exercises. I wish the whole world would read it—I see it as a guide into health, happiness and joyful living.”

Course language: English with translation into German

Cost: CHF 150.--

Dates, times and place:
July 01, 2020 (Wednesday)
6.15 pm - 9.15 pm
Location: Zurich

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Teacher: Rebekkah LaDyne (USA)

Rebekkah LaDyne, MS, SEP, member of the US association for Body Psychotherapy is a somatic therapist, researcher, mind-body skills educator, and author. Based on her extensive research in mind-body medicine at Saybrook University, her comprehensive training with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, and her more than two decades of work in the field of embodied well-being, she developed the Mind-Body Reset protocol. Rebekkah has supported thousands of people, beginning from within her own wellness center, to groups she taught at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and while traveling to worldwide destinations offering workshops and retreats. She has recorded several wellness CDs, appears on the radio and YouTube, and meets with clients online from all over the globe. She is in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area where she lives with her husband and two daughters. She can be found online at rebekkahladyne.com
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