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October 2020      

02. - 04.

The Therapeutic Use of Sound in Clinical and Personal Practice

Dr. med. David Perez-Martinez (USA)



TuneUp Rx is a wellness program that integrates therapeutic sound practices, voluntarily controlled breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, physical exercise, and cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques (CBT) to create a daily practice of self-care. The program is intended for individuals and groups and is grounded on the concepts of self-care and service to others. It consists of daily self and group tuning sessions to counteract the numerous stressors that can throw individuals, groups or organizations out of balance during the course of a typical day. It is designed to provide tools to promote a greater sense of balance, harmony and productivity in daily life and work settings.

The program is the creation of David Perez Martinez MD and is based on roughly 30 years of personal practice and clinical experience integrating therapeutic sound, mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, cognitive behavioral techniques, and physical movement into standard psychiatric practice and daily life. It is influenced by Dr. Perez Martinez’s work and collaboration with John Beaulieu N.D., PhD., a pioneer in the therapeutic use of sound and the creator of the Biosonics tuning forks.

The objective is to bring healing back to the practice of medicine and into one’s daily life: to bridge the link between sound/vibration, music, spirituality, health, and wellness.

TuneUp Rx uses sound, the breath, and mindfulness / cognitive behavioral techniques as tools for entrainment of physiological activity, and to facilitate meditation. It is designed as a daily practice that helps balance, control and modulate autonomic nervous and brain activity, and the ability to quiet the mind and to enter meditative states. Clinical research has demonstrated that controlled breathing exercises and mindfulness meditative techniques balance autonomic nervous activity and increase activity in areas of the brain that are correlated with emotional cues, positive affect, attention, neuroplasticity, and the ability to manage emotions, stress, anxiety and trauma. The practices promote a general sense of wellbeing and can reduce stress and emotional reactivity, improve working memory and ability to focus and concentrate, increase empathic abilities and the quality of personal relationships, social connectedness, and communication between individuals, couples and families.The beauty of this program lies in its simplicity. By simply quieting the mind and accepting thoughts and ourselves without judgment we can utilize sound and the breath to guide our consciousness to states that have been demonstrated to be conducive to healing, growth and regeneration in the body as well as positive emotional and psychological changes.

Course language: English with translation into German

Cost: CHF 750.--

Dates, times and place:
October 02 - 04, 2020
Working hours: 10 am - 1 pm and 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm
Location: Zürich

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Teacher: Dr. med. David Perez-Martinez (USA)

David Perez-Martinez, M.D. is an integrative psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and sound healing practitioner currently in private practice in New York City. He is also an anthropologist and ethnomusicologist who has traveled to several countries to study the music and sound practices of other cultures. In clinical practice Dr. Perez has totally integrated controlled breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, sound healing practices and physical movement with standard psychiatric care. In sessions he utilizes the voice, breath, overtone singing, tuning forks, gongs, drums, singing bowls, and several other instruments as therapeutic tools to transform the clinical practice into a healing experience for both client and practitioner.
Basic and advanced trainings with Dr. med. David Perez-Martinez