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November 2020      

05. - 08.

SOMA - Embodiment Training

Embodiment of Touch & Movement
For Trauma Healing

Start of this special training with 4-modules

Dr. Sônia Gomes (BRA)



Embodiment is an essential aspect to be address by anyone working with Trauma Healing.

We define Embodiment as a conscious perception of our body´s presence. We find it in coherence and fluidity tracked through the sensations in the continuous processes of movement. This allows the person to express his/her authentic capacities and at the same time, enjoying graciousness of gesture and optimum tonus in our encounters with our fellow human beings.

A deeper quality of Embodiment can be achieved through Touch and Movement Education. With this procedure, the practitioner may be able to stimulate an Internal Release that will promote a new Structural manifestation. From that, new possibilities of self-expression giving better function towards health can emerge.

As we deal with Trauma, we start to notice the inherent complexities inter-wining, between Body, Mind & Brain. These often create restrictions, which become reflected in a freezing or narrowing of the Inner and Outer Spaces consequently diminishing the Life Force Energy.

The SOMA approach acknowledges that Traumatic experiences can cause blocks which remain stuck in the Myofascial, Energetic and Kinesthetic spheres thereby reducing the body´s capacity for Embodiment, Orientation, Integration and Perception.

In order to complete Traumatic Resolution we first need to work with the following: the Spatial, the Visual and the Gravitational levels. Orientation Education is required. At this stage we will incorporate Continuity & Movement Coordination, Tracking and Embodiment exercise, to expand Perception and to address Biological rhythms for Self-Regulation.

Each day, participants will practice specific protocols of Touch skills and Movement, also Tracking exercises to:

1) Expand Perception;
2) Restore Mobility;
3) Unblock Traumatic restrictions of Movement in the Fascia, Diaphragm, Joints, Viscera and Core related to Symptoms in order to re-establish equilibrium.

Requirements for the SOMA Diploma:
5 personal sessions with accredited SOMA therapists
2 indidvidual SOMA Supervisions (alternatively 6 hours of group Supervision)
Previous participation in a SOMA - Intro class
Next SOMA Intro on January 17 - 19, 2020

SOMA-Embodiment from PBZ & ZIO on Vimeo.

Cost: CHF 3960.--

Dates, times and place:
November 05 - 08, 2020 (Module 1 / Thursday - Sunday)
March 04 - 07, 2021 (Module 2 / Thursday - Sunday)
May 26 - 29, 2021 (Module 3 / Wednesday - Saturday)
October 02 - 05, 2021 (Module 4 / Saturday - Tuesday)
Working hours: 10 am - 1 pm and 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm
Location: Zurich

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Teacher: Dr. Sônia Gomes (BRA)

Sônia Gomes is known worldwide at the international SE – Somatic Experiencing´s community for her love and caring, the mastery of SE and body therapies, her wonders in demos and personal sessions. Clinical Psychologist/Advanced Structural Rolfer, Movement Teacher. She is among the few qualified to teach Advanced SE. She adopts a multidimensional integrative approach to her teaching, therapy and clinical practice. Fundamental also, is her commitment to the relief of suffering resulting from trauma and somatic experiencing as a means to enhance personal development
Basic and advanced trainings with Dr.  Sônia Gomes